Thursday, September 3, 2009

Entry #1

So I found a magazine page with this really awesome old looking photograph of a boat. I tore that fucker out and pasted into my sketchbook.

None of the other photographs of boats were nearly as interesting so I discarded the remainder of that particular National Geographic magazine and picked up an issue of W
where I found a really great portrait of Richard Serra. Yadda-yadda yadda, I've got this thing.

I love collage, I like the sort of psychology that goes into interpreting a collage. When I took a watercolor painting class this last Spring, I didn't start feeling comfortable until we got working on the mixed media pieces, and making tiny magazine clipping collages which of themselves could even be considered finished works. I know my previous art goal was to start working on a larger scale but, there is still something kind of nice about the intimacy found in these small images.

Anyways, under new guidance from my painting professor, I'm going to continue doing these tiny works, still thinking of getting to that 6 foot painting, but first I just need to leave the safety of my sketchbook. Kirk suggests doing what I always do, just work with a higher grade of materials.

Till next time,



  1. Ooooooo layers and texture and fun. Very nice!

  2. You should really avoid cursing when you write shit. -shot-

    Anyways! Really awesome looking piece.